The Top 21

Thank you to our friends for dedicating many hours in helping us come up with possible blog names.

  1. food blog
  2. munch
  3. food glorious food
  4. girl sandwich
  5. I’m so hungry I could eat my blog
  6. I’m so hungry I could eat the whole world wide web
  7. I can’t believe I ate the whole blog
  8. taste buddies
  9. eats, blogs and leaves
  10. hungry hungry bloggers
  11. I creamed my pantries
  12. click and lick
  13. the gestation
  14. don’t be fooled by the blog that I got
  15. Foodie and the Feast
  16. creme de la web
  17. toe lickin’ good
  18. culinary drool
  19. fidel gastro
  20. gastrobation
  21. culinarylingus