Endless Beer: Top 10 Winter Beers

Our annual winter beer list is here. It’s taken a lot of taste testing to narrow it down. We’ve looked far and wide in search of the delicious suds that make us feel merry and bright. We’re looking for beers with high(er) ABVs, winter warmers, holiday spices, and the overall sense of “I have to save this one for a special occasion.” Enough talk. In no particular order, here it is…

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10. Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

Every year, Goose Island releases this gem at a very limited capacity. Some even say it is one of the rarest beers in the world. Anyway, typically weighing in on an ABV over 10%, Goose island does a good job of balancing out winter flavors into one tasty sip (or swig).

9. Troegs Mad Elf

This brew is also hard to get. However it is worth the hunt. We’ve featured it before, but it never gets old no matterhow many times you’ve had it. This is the essence of a winter warmer.

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8. Black Raven Festivus Ale

Get the Festivus Pole out and crack one of these open. Start drinking and let the insults fly!

7. Wingman Brewers Noel

This year, this one was one of my favorites. A great belgian ale that also has some of the Christmas spices we all know and love.

Christmas Ale Bottleshot

6. Anchor Christmas Ale

Year after year, Anchor finds a new illustration and a new recipe. I have had it for three years in a row now, and it has yet to disappoint.

5. Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin

While pumpkin is technically the fall’s flavor, I have to say that this beer is so good that it should be shared during the winter. Crack one open for dessert.


4. Atwater Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale

A brown ale profile that is supplemented with dark chocolate to make it even better. I just had one that was in the cellar for two years, and it was even better!

3. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

No worries hop heads, Christmas Ales do not ALL have to forget about the hops. Sierra Nevada does a good job making a Christmas Ale an IPA.

Sly Fox Christmas Ale Spiced Ale

2. Sly Fox Christmas Ale

Another beer that changes their illustration (and more importantly) the recipe. Sly Fox typically has more of a spice flavor and fruit flavor than others.

1. Old Forge Falling Down Brown Ale

Brown ales are sadly forgotten. This brown ale hits the spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, OR dessert!

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