Top 10 Easter Basket “Stuffers”

Easter is upon us. Before your run out to your local CVS to scrounge up the last of the Cadbury Cream eggs (caramel is the best) and jelly beans, check out our list of what we consider the best Easter basket “stuffers.” Note: BEER goes quite well with that beer book ;-). Enjoy!


10. Snackeez

I saw someone walk by holding one of these and after the confusion, I was suddenly jealous. You can cram in your favorite snack in the same container as your favorite drink!

9. Cadbury Mini Eggs


Not much to be said here. I am convinced that they put crack in these.

8. Wandering Bear Cold Brew

For your coffee-loving partner, this cold brew offers up a tasty swig in a pretty cool container. Check it out.

7. Beer and Food by Mark Dredge


I want this. Period.

6. Grill Clips

I HATE when my veggies get stuck to the grates of the grill. I don’t like using foil and not getting that nice char on the veggies either. This seems to be a good solution!

5. Light-My-Fire Spork

Model: Spork orginal  

If you have kids, this will impress their friends. If you don’t, this will impress YOUR friends.

4.  GIANT Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

REESE'S Peanut Butter Egg

I was recently giving a one pound package of large Reese’s cups. The amount of peanut butter here is just enough to satisfy your peanut butter cravings.

3. Peepsters

Peeps for some reason cause some kind of controversial argument. To me, they will always be an Easter staple. The peepster is something that just about everyone can agree on: marshmallow cream covered in a thick layer of chocolate. Yum.

2. Whoppers Robin Eggs

WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS Malted Milk Eggs Candy

If you do not put these in the Easter basket, you are pretty much the Easter grinch.

1. M & Ms Easter Candies

M&M'S® Brand Pastel Milk Chocolate Candies

M & M’s are simple. But I think they do a great job of filling plastic eggs. Just make sure you separate them evenly by color first…

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