The Espresso Machine for Your Car: Handpresso Auto


Mornings suck. What’s worse than waking up early in the morning last minute and realizing that you either didn’t set the coffee maker or don’t have time to make any? Stopping for some java on the way to work may run you the risk of arriving late, while going without it runs the risk of being a cranky curmudgeon. Well, what if I told you that instead, you could brew a nice jolt of caffeine right in your car? That’s right, Handpresso crafted an industrial-esque espresso machine that plugs into your 12-volt carjack and fits in your cup holder (with the power cord wrapped around the machine with a compartment even for the plug). Handpresso claims in 3 minutes, you can brew a fresh cup of espresso right in the comfort of your car. They sent us a machine to test and it’s my caffeinated pleasure to bring you the results.

The Handpresso Auto is designed in a way that looks like it was part of a jet engine and belongs in the newest sport version of your next Ferrari. It looks luxurious while also durable and easy to handle. I did not realize there were so many European languages until I got the manual for the machine, but luckily the device operates off of a few easy steps and you can follow along a numbered diagram. After plugging in the machine, you pour water into the reservoir until the last clear dot is darkened. Then, you place an E.S.E. Espresso pod on top of the spring-loaded platform and screw on the top of the machine. Next, simply press the power button and let it loudly work its pressurized magic. Once the machine beeps, you are free to invert the machine over your cup and press the coffee button. Once poured to your liking, press the “stop” button and enjoy.


The steps are indeed that easy. I would argue that the machine does not take 3 minutes on the dot, but more like 3 or 4 minutes. Because the pressure is at about 16 bar, the nozzle does spurt a little bit of water when it completes the cycle, but I would say it’s worth it for a nice crema froth laying atop your dark roasted liquid caffeine. FYI: a bar is the scientific term for measuring online casinos the pressure of the atmosphere at sea level. The higher the bar, the higher the pressure. The biggest complaint about the machine is the vibrating noise that ensues when the power button is pressed. However, that lasts maybe a minute and the fact that you can easily operate a pressurized hand held espresso machine makes up for that.

As for the taste, I ordered a box of the illy dark roast E.S.E. pods just to try a standard espresso in the machine. The machine did produce a typical European pour of espresso (about 2 ounces). The first time through is frothy, but not as much as expected. However, if you use it a second time, you get an even better froth. Another trick if you prefer the crema variation is to end the pour slightly earlier. Taste in both the first and the second tests were consistent with an espresso you would purchase at Starbucks. I got the flavors of a dark roast (rich coffee, slight chocolate flavor and little bit of caramel).

Overall, while the machine weighs in at cost of $199.00, it is worth it if you enjoy espresso. I”ve operated the machine close to 15 times now and have experienced no problems in operation. The Handpresso is easy to clean with a few simple wipes of a cloth and it is ready to go. The directions are easy to follow and it is even easier to use. In fact, when I showed the fiance, she responded “that”s it?” when I went through the process. The ESE pods can be found on the Handpresso website, but can also be purchased on amazon and ebay for a discounted price. While it is a tad bit extravagant, I”ve enjoyed  having an espresso at the beginning of the day and at the end of my day job as I head to my second. Another bonus is that my car now smells like a cafe nearly all the time. This is a good gift option for your fellow coffee/espresso lovers this Christmas!

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