Endless Cocktails: A Summer in Manhattan



I love me some whiskey cocktails, but I always feel weird ordering them in summer, so I was excited to come across this find: a whiskey drink that is made especially for summer dreaming.

Chef Marc Forgione (Iron Chef / owner of Restaurant Marc Forgione in Tribeca) teamed up with glassybaby to create this cocktail, which mixes fresh strawberries into this new “Perfect Manhattan.”

Market Strawberry Infused ‘Perfect’ Manhattan

  • ·2.5 oz Jefferson’s Small Batch Bourbon
  • ·1.5 oz Strawberry Infused Dolin Vermouth (See recipe)
  •  2 Dashes of Bitters (preferably Brooklyn Hemispherical Strawberry)

To make the Strawberry Vermouth, combine a bottle each of Dolin Sweet, Dry and Blanc Vermouth with 3 pints of market fresh strawberries and let them sit for at least a day. For smaller batches make sure to use equal parts of each vermouth. ?When complete the aroma of strawberry will over power that of the vermouth.  For a lighter libation the strawberry Vermouth is great on its own with a few ice cubes.

Stir mixture of all three ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, then strain over fresh 1″x 1″ ice cubes in a rocks glass.

Garnish with a skewered bourbon soaked cherry, strawberry segment and a lemon twist.


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  • Tracy | Pale Yellow July 5, 2014  

    I agree, bourbon is my go to Fall/Winter beverage, but this is a fantastic way to drink it year round!

  • jordan July 5, 2014  

    thanks so much for sharing. we love this tasty manhattan, especially in our drinkers.

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