Eating in Ayia Napa: A Cyprus Culinary Adventure

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Forget the Greek islands — Cyprus is among the most beautiful (and affordable) spots in Europe,  and the beachside town of Ayia Napa has quickly emerged as a hotspot for parties, and as one of the most fun-filled and vibrant places in the Mediterranean. Clearly, we’re mostly interested in what there is to eat there.

Good news: there is no shortage of fantastic restaurants in this part of Cyprus, and here’s a few things to be sure to try, when you can tear yourself away from the waterfront.
1. Chorizo Pilaf


If you are looking for a snack that is going to fill you right up, chorizo pilaf is the one. This is similar to the paella dishes that you find in Spain, with a wide mix of ingredients all cooked in a pan until the rice is dark and crispy. But this typically Mediterranean take on the dish comes with a deep, zesty flavor due to the combination of paprika, garlic, and lemon.

2. Quinoa Greek Salad


If you are determined to maintain your figure while holidaying in Ayia Napa, you may want to try some griddled chicken with quinoa Greek salad. Quinoa is gaining a reputation for being nutrient-rich health food, and Cypriots sure know how to make it tasty: loading it up with feta cheese, black olives, olive oil, mint, garlic, and lemon.

3. Herbed Lamb Cutlets with Roasted Vegetables[g

One of the yummiest dishes you are going to find during your time on Cyprus is the traditional herb lamb cutlets with roasted vegetables. This is a tray-bake dish that comes with a mix of vegetables and herbs to liven up your palate. It’s relatively healthy, and comes loaded up with sweet potatoes, courgettes, and red peppers, while the lamb cutlets are usually livened up with mint and thyme.

4. Moussaka


Moussaka is kind of like a mix between a lasagna and a casserole, and there’s no way you can go anywhere in Cyprus or Greece and get away without trying it. Every grandmother has their own recipe, with the only constant that it contains meat, potatoes, and eggplant. Don’t ask for the secret recipe beyond that: just enjoy.

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