Cocktail O’Clock: A Lime-Free Cinco

Silver Breeze

So, when we said last week that Cinco de Mayo is about more than just drinking, we certainly didn’t mean to imply that it’s not about drinking. I mean, come on. But margaritas aren’t you’re only option for celebrating Mexico this May.

In light of this year’s epic lime shortage and rapidly rising margarita price index, mixologist Shaher Misif of San Francisco’s Cantina shares this great way to mix tequila with another citrus bounty: kumquats.

Silver Breeze


1 1/2 oz Camarena Silver Tequila
1/2 oz California Sauvignon Blanc
4 Kumquats (or 1 mandarin as substitute)
3 Basil Leaves
3 oz Soda Water


Muddle kumquats and basil in a bucket glass. Add ice, tequila and Sauvignon Blanc. Top with soda water and stir. Garnish with strips of basil and a kumquat.

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