Endless Peeps: Vanilla Sugar-Peep Sandwich Cookies

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When we say endless, we mean it. I know the day of love has past, but it is still dreary February and we could all use a pick-me-up. I made these for Valentine’s day for my fiance (she was stuck going to work to save lives as essential personnel while I enjoyed a snow day). Plus I had vanilla cream Peeps, and a sweet tooth. The result? Peep sandwich cookies.

Years ago, my mom found a sugar cookie recipe that was just delectable. They melt in your mouth, have just the right amount of sugar, and they have the perfect texture. With golden brown edges, they provide just the right crunch to be complemented by creamy vanilla marshmallow. PLUS, there is additional sweetness in the vanilla frosting that acts as a glue for the marshmallow.

These are good fresh out of the oven or a few days later. I’ve even dunked them in milk. I was concerned about the sandwiches becoming too sweet, but the peep has just enough of a flavor without being too overwhelming. Plus, the vanilla flavor in the peeps goes well with the icing and the cookie. The challenge is pushing the cookie down without breaking the cookie and popping the peep out of the sandwich. Once you mess up a couple, it’s smooth sailing and off to enjoying your Peep-Sandwich.

Vanilla Sugar-Peep Sandwich Cookies

  • Your favorite sugar cookie dough
  • Homemade or canned icing
  • Vanilla Cream Peeps

First, cut out your sugar cookies and bake all of them. Keep in mind that there are nine marshmallow peeps in a vanilla cream package, so you will need at least 18 sugar cookies.

Once your sugar cookies are baked, leave the oven on and put a dollop of icing on the back-side of each sugar cookie.

Place peep on one sugar cookie and place the other sugar cookie (icing side down) onto the marshmallow. Press down on the cookie a bit, with an attempt to smush the marshmallow.

Place sandwiches on baking sheet and let sit in oven for at least three minutes – look for the peep to expand a bit.

Using a spatula, press down on the cookies, again, trying to smush the peep.

Finally – frost the top cookie and enjoy!

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