The Top 7 Food Trends of 2013

Radio streaming platform TuneIn analyzed what food stories were gabbed about most over the past year, and used the data to name the top 7 food moments of 2013, from the return of spooky cereals to sriracha EVERYWHERE.  I think you all know what number 1 is going to be.

7. Limited edition monster-themed breakfast cereals


“The Big Three” General Mills cereals—Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry—first debuted in the ‘70s, were re-launched for the first time in over thirty years, on Halloween night, 2013. Not surprisingly, the cereals have a massive cult following rivalling Lady Gaga’s band of “little monsters.”

6. Cicada Invasion 


Your eyes are not deceiving you:  the massive cicada invasion that hit the East Coast in July 2013, “spawned” some pretty interested food creations, most notably the BLTC (bacon, lettuce, tomato and cicada). Of course, ES was eating these babies the last time they came up from the earth!

5. Smart Phone Food Photography


2013 was the year of food porn. Maybe we have Instagram to blame, but the number of food photographs reached a new high this year.

4. Sriracha

sriracha recipe

Everyone knows “rooster sauce,” but few know the backstory. Sriracha became a refrigerator staple this year due to countless creative sriracha recipes–our favorite: Sriracha fudge popsicles. There’s even a Sriracha movie now.

3. Thanksgivukkah


For the first time in EVER, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah converged on the same day in 2013. The newly christened holiday won’t happen again until the year 79811—so go get your menurkey collector’s items while they last.

2. The Ramen Burger

Annie Chuns Ramen Burger Bun

Picture this: a juicy cut of prime beef is sandwiched between two ramen noodle buns, slathered with secret sauce, scallions and arugula. Yep—enough said.

1. The Cronut


Few words have the power to start a revolution, but it seems that in 2013 the“Cronut” became a revolutionary delicacy beyond bakery-owner Dominque Ansel’s wildest dreams when he created it in June of 2013 (the number of dentist visits also took off).·     

Listen to the full stories at TuneIn.

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