ES-Approved Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers

Still looking for that perfect gift for the epicurean in your life? Try one of our suggestions! Thanks to the internet, there’s no shortage of cookbooks and kitchen goods out there, but we’ve cut through the boring stuff and picked out a handful of ideas that are sure to please. Stick one of these under your tree and treat yourself to a drink – holiday shopping is hard work!


From Scratch Food Network

From Scratch: Inside the Food Network
We love some Food Network as much as the rest of the country, but we’re also  suckers for a good celeb chef snark sesh, and this new book from Allen Salkin looks like it will provide plenty of ammo.


Christmas HomeMade Gin Kit

HomeMade Gin Kit Holiday Blend Christmas Refill
I reviewed the HomeMade Gin Kit last holiday season (and gave it two thumbs up, I think it’s a super fun project and makes a great gift for any cocktail lover). Now they’ve released a special holiday edition. According to Gin Kit co-founder Joe Maiellano, “We’ve toned down the citrus and summery flavors in the original gin infusion blend and laced the new one with cinnamon, clove, ginger, and rosemary. We came up with a cocktail recipe for the new gin using cranberry juice, orange liqueur, and a rosemary sprig that testers say looks and tastes like Christmas in a glass!” The refill is only $10, so it makes a nice stocking stuffer for anyone you got the original kit for last year.

Magical Unicorn Salt

Magical Unicorn Salt
Truth time: part of the reason we picked this one is because of its majestic name. Besides that, though, this stuff sounds great: a mix of pure ocean salt, smoked paprika, garlic, rosemary, and celery seed. The seasoning possibilities are endless! The manufacturer, Beautiful Briny Sea, doesn’t have a full online store, but you can check out their current offerings and contact info on their Facebook page, and right now, just in time for gift-giving, Magical Unicorn Salt is selling on Fab.

In the Charcuterie

In the Charcuterie
This one’s for the meat-lovers out there. This cookbook is absolutely gorgeous, with stunning photography and detailed instructions on making all sorts of meaty creations. Doesn’t hurt that it’s by Taylor Boetticher and Toponia Miller, owners of the beloved Fatted Calf in San Francisco, known for its artesian charcuterie delights. Whether you need your meat brined, smoked, cured, skewered, braised, rolled, tied, or stuffed, In the Charcuterie has you covered.


Moscow Mule GlassMoscow Mule Glass
Moscow Mules are very popular cocktails these days—everybody knows that the mix of vodka, lime, and ginger is irresistible. But drinking a Moscow Mule out of a regular cup definitely isn’t as exciting as enjoying it out of a real copper mug! Do one of your drinking friends a fave and gift them one of these totally affordable Moscow Mule glasses from Crate & Barrel. It’s made of copper-tinted stainless steel instead of pure copper, meaning it’s way easier to clean. Perfect for people who love drinking and people who are lazy but still want to look cool.

Bacon Press

Pig Bacon Press
Welp, the name says it all. This cast-iron press is the answer to curly bacon haters’ prayers. We first saw this in a Mashable gift guide but obviously had to suggest it in our own guide as well. After all, there are just so many fantastic bacon recipes out there, they deserve the best, most evenly cooked bacon available!


Salt Tequila Glasses

Himalayan Sea Salt Tequila Shot Glasses
Himalayan Sea Salt Tequila Shot Glasses. HIMALAYAN SEA SALT TEQUILA SHOT GLASSES. Apparently they’re one of Oprah’s Favorite Things this year, but they’re also now one of Endless Simmer’s Favorite Things.



Fat Daddio’s Snack Cake Pan
Let’s be honest, Twinkies are secretly really good, but you know they’re horrible for you. So now you can gift the baker in your life a replica snack cake pan and eat healthier homemade Twinkies! One of my roommates has this, it’s super easy to make amazing little gourmet cakes. Right now Sur La Table has them on sale for $5.99, almost $10 off their usual price. Snag this deal while you can!

The Manly Man Company Gift Baskets

Bacon! Beer! Hot sauce! Shop now for the big eater in your life (whatever their gender).

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