The Incredible, Edible… Ips

These days, people are really trying to watch their carbs yet somehow snack their faces off. I”m not criticizing at all—I, too, love a crunchy, salty snack but feel pretty guilty after mowing down half a family-sized bag of Cheetos in one sitting (and yes, whatever, that”s a thing that has happened in my past, let”s not dwell on it).

I usually stick to Pirates Booty and Terra Chips (although, really, how much healthier are those? I don”t know, better than Ruffles but it”s not like you”re eating a salad, let”s be real) BUT! There”s a new kid in town, and he”s made from… egg whites?!

White Cheddar Ips

I received a package of Ips (yeah, like chips minus the “ch”)  to review awhile back and I”ll definitely say I was intrigued. Why? Their whole deal is that they”re made of egg whites and pack 7 grams of protein per serving. Plus the eggs they use are non-GMO, hormone-free and antibiotic-free, etc., which is pretty important to me when I”m trying to eat right. (Once again: let”s just not mention my Cheeto indiscretions.) I figured Ips would either be surprisingly delicious or have a really funky, weird texture. I popped open the white cheddar flavor first and I was actually really into them. They reminded me of Pirate”s Booty or Smartfood.

Ips Egg White Chips

You guys, I have to say… I recommend these! Just don”t think about the fact that you”re eating pressure-puffed egg whites. I mean, that doesn”t gross me out, but it kind of weirded out some of the friends I tested these out on, so I don”t know. If you”re not into white cheddar flavored things, check out salt and pepper, BBQ, cinnamon sugar, etc. They”re kind of hard to find in stores unless you live in California, but you can find them on Amazon or order them . Tastes and looks like junk food, but good for you…. maybe egg whites are the way of the future.

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2 thoughts on “The Incredible, Edible… Ips

  1. Yeah, check ’em out! They have a little bit of corn in them too, for texture, but definitely not loaded with it.

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