As Good as the Chocolate Cow: A Soymilk Skeptic Speaks


Ya’ll know we love talking about college foods, late-night cravings, and bacon explosions here at ES, but here’s a secret: we’re getting old. Real old. Like, some of us are past the big 3-0, and not happy about it. Why? It has nothing to do with wrinkles. It has to do with what we can it, and how much we can eat.

For me, it wasn’t so much the potential to get fat part that made me start thinking about diet, but my allergies. I’ve spent my whole life with a nose that’s alway stuffed up to varying degree, but the older I get, the worse it is every spring, and every time I go near a cat. My (older) brother, who has had similar allergy issues, once told me that his stuffiness completely cleared up when he went vegan and stopped eating dairy.


I mean, I like breathing, but do I like it more than cheese and ice cream? Unclear.

Anyway, I’ve been trying the lactose-free thing for a few days now, which is good timing because Silk asked ES to try out the taste of their new Soymilk taste. Now, I have always looked down on Soymilk. Don’t try to pour it in my coffee (cream please), keep it a safe distance from my cereal bowl, and I know you are not going to try making me drink a full glass of it. I was all prepared to pawn this assignment off on another contributor, but I decided to give it a try because, well, I can’t breathe, and honestly, when you think about it there’s nothing in the world weirder than consuming liquid that comes out of an animal who is not your mother. I decided to try the Silk, but admit I was SUPER skeptical.

So, um…it turns out I’m just prejudiced, and possibly had never even tasted Soymillk before, because it’s freaking good! Did you guys know about this?!? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?

They have chocolate soymilk ( I swear it is just about as good as the real stuff from the chocolate cow), and it has only 60 calories a serving. (Ugh, yes, getting old and counting calories I am.) They also have hazelnut flavor, mango peach, and even one specifically designed to complement your coffee. All of them are honestly actually tasty.

I. Had. No. Idea.

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