Friday Eff-Up: Bad Eggs


On some cooking show or another, I heard a chef complimented because he allows his proteges to really get into life in the kitchen, not like some French chefs who will shove you in a corner to peel potatoes for three years before you can get near the stove. Oddly, though, the thought of sitting in a corner peeling potatoes is appealing to me at the point in my life.  I think it’s because with two small children, I am never left alone to go to the bathroom, let alone complete an entire task by myself. This very blog post will likely be completed in five sittings.

However, if I ever do make my way to this mythical French kitchen full of menial tasks, I should be kept far away from the hard boiled eggs. I am truly terrible at peeling them, and I don’t know why. I take out chunks of flesh, I leave little grains of peel stuck to the egg; it’s horrific. Up until a few months ago, this didn’t pose a  serious problem, as my obligations in egg-peeling were few. But then, my two-year-old son joined the world of unitasker-lovers, and asks daily to use his egg slicer.  The dismembered Humpty-Dumpty above is the far too frequent result.  Please give my apologies to the chickens.

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  • Heather S. March 22, 2013  

    I could devote an entire second blog to what doesn’t make it on the plate, especially when my first kid was little. Two, now that she’s 3, can play together. Now I can ref from the kitchen 🙂

    I saw a post on FB that eggs can be baked at 325 ºF for 30 minutes (put them in a muffin tin to stop them from rolling), immediately put them in an ice bath. Supposed to be easy to peel. I gently tap all over to break the shell into very small pieces then roll on the counter, start peeling by grabbing the skin layer and the shell falls off.

  • Mary Kellogg March 22, 2013  

    Buy an egg steamer. Bought one by Chefs Choice on Amazon and it is the best kitchen item I’ve purchased in years. Perfect poached, soft & hard boiled eggs. Steamed. Timer. Amazing. Really.

  • Girl + Fire March 22, 2013  

    I suck at this task too. There’s this Tim Ferris video, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it (and I always forget the baking soda):

  • wrightwords March 23, 2013  

    Fresh eggs don’t peel well when hard-boiled. We tend to want to use the most fresh of everything, but let your eggs wait!

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