Simple Seasoning, Sharing of the Rib-Eye

Seared Rib-Eye

Simple is best, sharing is better.  I was fortunate enough to be given a 32oz bone in rib-eye, a cut of meat that I’ve never cooked before, and something that completely terrified me.  Sure I’ve cooked big chunks of meat before, but nothing as special as this.  There aren’t many recipes or instructions out there on how to cook a slab of meat that size, I didn’t even know how many people it would serve – of course I could have just saved the leftovers for myself – but where’s the fun in that?  I went simple, and small.  A couple of friends, a couple of sides and a simple seasoning of salt and pepper, there was plenty of fat on this bad boy that no added oil was needed.

A rubbing of s&p, a searing of about 6-8 minutes on either side in a heavy skillet, and a roasting of about 15-20 minutes until it reached about 120 degrees was all it took.  Accompanied by a few sides of sauteed leeks, creamy parmesan mashed potatoes and roasted carrots, this was a perfect meal for two hungry friends and myself.  The fun of cooking like this is the sharing of the meal, cutting the meat at the dinner table, it really is a great way to cook and entertain.  Something I plan on doing more of.

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  • Kathy Sarber March 14, 2013  

    That looks amazing. We have a wonderful meat maket here in Naples that sells a huge ribeye called a Tomahawk Steak. Those pictures make me want to drive on over to Jimmy P’s right now and pick one up. What a cool way to entertain a group. Got family coming in next week, I know right now what I am serving up. Thanks

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