Sunday, Bloody Funday: Bloody Geisha

Look; if you see me on a Sunday afternoon, it is safe to assume that I’m drunk. Why? Because of this Bloody Geisha. This Sake Bloody Mary is the perfect drink to accompany your eggs benedict or any other brunch gems.

Let me just blow your mind by saying: bacon.bits.rim.  YES!- Why has this not been instituted elsewhere? I refuse to live in a world where bacon bit rims aren’t a part of daily life.  So if you need a twist to your Sunday brunch, follow my lead. Also, just in case you were wondering, those are blue cheese-stuffed olives and deep-fried jalapenos casually sitting next to BACON. Lets get jiggy.


 Bloody Geisha

2 oz. of sake
As much Zing Zang as you need
A half lemon worth of juice
A dash of Worschestire sauce
Top of with your beer of choice

Please people, Please garnish this with deep-fried jalapeno, bacon, blue cheese-stuffed olives and crush some bacon to rim that baby with.

I guarantee you’ll be aching for Sunday on the reg. Enjoy!!

More lazy Sunday (and Monday) drank ideas in Endless Cocktails.

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