Edible Arrangements for Dudes

thanks bro

While most of you are focused on candy and flowers and all that shit this week, I want to make sure you know about the existence of a much more important gift-giving development: Thanks, Bro—a thank you basket service just for, well…bros.

As gender non-normative as we like to be here at ES, let’s face it: you just can’t send a guy friend a fruit basket. (Aside: this is not true. If anyone wants to send me a fruit basket, I’ll gladly accept. But still.) Enter: Thanks, Bro. The New York-based service, which just went nationwide, allows you to send a thank you gift to a friend consisting of just two things: beer and beef jerky. Your bro gets to pick out what kind of thank-you beer he wants, and with the jerky you can either go the high-quality route, sending SlantShack’s Wild Rubdown Jerky, a grassfed North Dakota beef option encased in cayenne and brown sugar, which really brings out the delicate earthy tones of the—DAMNIT I couldn’t stay bro-y even for a minute!—or you can go with the “Fuck You, Bro” package, opting to send a single Slim Jim and s six-pack.

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  • ML February 13, 2013  

    If anyone wants to send this to me, that’d be okay too. Save your fruit baskets for BS.

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