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Edible Arrangements for Dudes

Posted by on February 13 2013 in Red Meat, Trends

thanks bro

While most of you are focused on candy and flowers and all that shit this week, I want to make sure you know about the existence of a much more important gift-giving development: Thanks, Bro—a thank you basket service just for, well…bros.

As gender non-normative as we like to be here at ES, let’s face it: you just can’t send a guy friend a fruit basket. (Aside: this is not true. If anyone wants to send me a fruit basket, I’ll gladly accept. But still.) Enter: Thanks, Bro. The New York-based service, which just went nationwide, allows you to send a thank you gift to a friend consisting of just two things: beer and beef jerky. Your bro gets to pick out what kind of thank-you beer he wants, and with the jerky you can either go the high-quality route, sending SlantShack’s Wild Rubdown Jerky, a grassfed North Dakota beef option encased in cayenne and brown sugar, which really brings out the delicate earthy tones of the—DAMNIT I couldn’t stay bro-y even for a minute!—or you can go with the “Fuck You, Bro” package, opting to send a single Slim Jim and s six-pack.

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  1. February 13, 2013

    If anyone wants to send this to me, that’d be okay too. Save your fruit baskets for BS.

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