The Runaway Cupcake


OK, so we all now know I am the world’s worst cupcake froster, but the rustic look was actually all good because the party we went to this weekend was “hobohemian” themed (yes, my life is basically one extended episode of Portlandia.)

Anyway, the gf had a genius idea for saving our hobo cupcakes (which, by the way, were The Toasted Sprinkle’s delicious bourbon vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream). We decorated each one with a bindle, so that the cupcakes itself could look like an old-school hobo (or a would-be runaway child). They’re easy to make.

1) Break a kebab stick into thirds

2) Cut out square pieces off your most hobo-esque scrap fabric

3) Wrap each one around one or two mini marshmallows

4) Cut some string and wrap up yo’ bindle.

No actual hobos were harmed in the making of this cupcake.

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