The Most Offensive “Brownies” Ever

I was at Target last week and I found something that everyone needs!

And by “everyone” I mean “no one.”

Let’s work through this…

Making brownies is pretty easy. Flour, egg, cocoa powder, sugar, etc, etc. But nope, that was too hard for us. So we made brownie mix. Just dump the powder into a bowl and add oil, egg, and water. You thought it couldn’t get any more simple, but no! You were wrong. Because now we have a plastic jug that looks like laundry detergent, but it’s full of weird fake brownie potion that you just fill with water and squirt into a pan. NO!

Come on, guys. This is cheating at its absolute worst. Just make delicious homemade brownies instead. It might take a slight bit more effort (hell, breathing takes more effort than that jug o’ mix) but it will be worth your precious time. I promise.

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  • Amy J November 8, 2012  

    Wow…I haven’t seen this yet on the shelves – but agree with you 100% on your views of it! I was never big on making brownies from a mix, and rarely did it (although my hubby did every so often because he liked to experiment with flavors; I don’t remember eating them though). In the last year or so I made brownies from scratch for the first time – they were amazing! And, they were pretty easy – not too much more work than a mix, and I think I convinced my hubby to never buy a boxed mix again 😉

  • Douglas E. Welch November 9, 2012  

    OMG, I couldn’t believe it when I saw your post. I was at my local Target on Sunday, saw the exact same bottle and had nearly the same reaction. WTF! Really? Really?!?!? Even I can make a decent brownie for goodness sakes.

    It is a strange, strange world we live in!


  • ML November 9, 2012  

    LISTEN EVERYONE. I cannot make decent brownies from scratch. I’ve tried. and tried. AND TRIED AND I CANNOT DO IT. But shake n pour? Christ. We can’t even open a box anymore?

  • Emily November 9, 2012  

    @ Amy & Douglas – Preach! I’m glad y’all agree!
    @ ML – What, seriously? Girl, you can make brownies from scratch! It’s easy! But yeah, apparently opening a box and mixing like four ingredients in a bowl is too much for Americans and their busy lives these days.

  • ML November 9, 2012  

    HOW THEN? I’ve seriously tried no less than 5 times and they always taste like shit.

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