Apple Cider Gone Wild! Top 10 Cider Recipes

I had my first real fall moment of the year this morning: drinking apple cider. The crisp, cool, thirst-quenching drink is the perfect inauguration for autumn.  You can have it with any meal, for a snack, or warm it up and froth it if you want to go frou-frou. But did you know it can be enjoyed in more than just a glass?

10. Apple Cider Gravy

Though a bold choice for Thanksgiving, a little sweetness may go a long way with your savory turkey. Not convinced? Have you ever put apples or cranberries in your stuffing? Or enjoy spreading some sweet cranberry sauce on your turkey sandwich? Well now your gravy can do you a personal, sweet, favor.

Recipe: Nourish Network

9. Apple Cider Upside-Down Cake

Summer is over. Pineapple is no longer the seasonal fruit, and apples are in. So what do you do with that huge bag of apples sitting in your garage? Make cake…apple cider upside-down cake.

Recipe: Mid-Century Menu

8. Apple Cider Caramel Cake

More cake. This time, adding some creamy icing and caramel will make this a true dessert. Think of it as an alternative to carrot cake. No chunks of orange…just smooth, sweet and creamy cake. Does it feel like fall for you yet?

Recipe: Simply Fine Living

7. Creamy Caramel Hot Apple Cider

Apple cider is good. If it didn’t do a number on my insides after a couple of glasses, I’d drink it even more. However, if I had it with caramel and whipped cream, I’m not sure I’d be able to control myself anyway. Instead of having plain old hot cider, try this for a change.

Recipe: My Kind of Cooking

6. Apple Cider Rumtini

 I still haven’t made myself learn to enjoy a dirty martini. Tastes too much like what I would think glycerin would. So maybe this fall I’ll try a Cider RUMtini instead. What’s healthy and sane about this? No idea. Maybe an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Regardless…I’ll take one, or two.. Cider is good. Cider with rum = better.

Recipe: Healthy and Sane

5. Apple Cider Glaze over Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Pumpkin and apple isn’t something you would necessarily believe go together. But there is a way: put it in some cake. Well…put the pumpkin in the cake, then make a sweet apple cider glaze and slather on top. That’s better.

Recipe: Sweet Basil Kitchen

4. Spiced Apple Cider Muffins

Pumpkin muffins seem to be all the rage. But there are other fall fruits to be had! Plus, apples are sweeter. So instead of spending $10 on a Starbucks or Dunkin’ pumpkin muffin (I’m not exagerating), make your own with real ingredients. And put tasty crumbs on top.

Recipe: Eat Drink Live

3. Apple Cider Donuts

I wish I could reach into my screen right now and grab these. They look like they’ve been greased up just enough in the fryer—golden brown, just waiting for you to take a bite out of them (if you can keep yourself from eating them whole). I’m imaging eating my hot apple cider donuts on a fresh fall day with a pumpkin spice latte.

Recipe: Morta Di Fame

2. Apple Cider Chicken WINGS! 

I was first looking up apple cider chicken. But then I saw these. Game Over. I mean really, there isn’t much else to say here. I know I said I’m watching that girlish figure of mine, but I may have to make an exception for these at my next football party.

Recipe: Simple Tailgating

1. Apple Cider Caramel Cookies

My sister and I have a tradition of making caramel apples. We decorate them with the necessities: chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, and nuts. Funny faces are made on each apple and we have a good elfin’ time. But we’re getting older, so maybe it’s time to make these amazing cookies, oozing out with caramel, instead. Same thing as a caramel apple, but you can dunk these. Get me the milk.

Recipe: Six Sisters

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