Put It In a Jar: Fig Jam

We are full on jamming here, folks. Figs. Yes…figs. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or two, you know that it is the season of the fig.

Figs are one of those foods that I’ve had here and there at restaurants, but never really embraced in my own home. That’s why it was so much fun to be making something with an ingredient I’ve never worked with before.

Making fig jam is just as simple as the peach jam I made about a month ago. I used this recipe, which literally just uses figs, lemon juice, white wine, sugar and water. When I do it all again, I’ll try adding in a liqueur like Grand Marnier to give it a little zing. Let me first say though, this fig jam is delicious! It’s on the less sweet side (for a jam) but still has that fresh fig flavor in every itty, bitty spoonful. (Yes, I can eat jam by the spoonful.)

You can do so many amazing things with fig jam. Serve it on a baguette with mascarpone and drizzle a little rum on top. Go wild and make a goat cheese, prosciutto and fig jam pizza. Grill a savory pork tenderloin and use it as the perfect spread. …Just to give you a few ideas.

Recipe: fig jamĀ 

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