Endless Road Trip Seattle: Clucking Great Fried Chicken

Most people think of salmon as Seattle’s prime protein, and while it’s true that seafood is a Northwest mainstay, this city can cook up some fried meat just as well as any southern hotspot. Thanks to Oprah, Seattle has been lauded for Ezell’s chicken, but I have a different go-to for fried bird: Skillet Diner in Capitol Hill. Famous for their cult hit bacon jam, Skillet started out as a small food trailer that became so popular they were able to afford a brick-and-mortar place in Capitol Hill; prime real estate.

Skillet’s burger and grilled cheese are amazing, but to me, nothing beats their fowl. I’m most fond of the fried chicken sandwich on fresh potato bread with pickled and charred jalapeño aioli and kale. It’s served with another Skillet signature, their ridiculous poutine, a giant pile of fries smothered in a gratuitous amount of herbed cheddar sauce:

Another noteworthy dish is their fried chicken on top of a giant cornmeal waffle, complete with over-easy eggs and rich maple syrup (above). For the poultry-averse out there, never fear; you can also get this wall of waffle topped with braised pork belly.

With its hip-but-not-hipster waitstaff, killer urban location, and relaxed, modern diner atmosphere, Skillet is perfect for a hangover breakfast, brunch date, or late-night post-drinking greasebomb. Who knew you could get a southern-fried meat treat without ever leaving the great north? (I did.)

Skillet Diner / 1400 E. Union / 7am-12am Sun-Thurs / 7am-2am Fri-Sat

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