Endless Cocktails: The Huggie Bomb


Did anyone know that Little Hug Fruit Barrels are still around? I don’t think I ever drank these as a child; or if I did, it was always at friend’s house, or school, or whoever was paying to give their kids sugary artificially flavored water. I generally remember the boys in school bringing these in their lunches, then having those red juice rings on their lips. But adults drinking these? Yes, it’s happening. Because fermenting juice wasn’t enough, now bars are turning these childhood treats into alcoholic drinks.

The method:

1) Choose “flavor” (I chose red, duh. When given color options instead of flavor options, always choose red)

2) Bartender stabs open the foil covering and pours about a shot of the “juice” down the drain

3) Bartender pours vodka straight into plastic juice barrel

4) Consume


I ordered one of these solely because we couldn’t seem to get our bar bill past the $10 credit card minimum (75 cent Miller High Lifes make for a good night), but I was kind of impressed. If I ever become a parent, I might pretend to buy these for my kids so I can sip away on a Huggie Bomb at the playground. I don’t think I could figure out how to funnel vodka into a Capri Sun.


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  • Pamela Ponder August 23, 2012  

    Turkey injection needle, need I say more?

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