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Burns my Bacon: Inauthentic Ballpark Food

Posted by on June 15 2012 in Personal, Rants & Raves

The arrival of spring means I’m taking a lot more trips to Citizen’s Bank Park. In 2007, CBP won “Best Ballpark Eats” at the Food Network Awards (which I don’t quite understand, hello CRABS at Camden Yards). To be honest, I never eat that often in the stadium, because Italian hoagies and beers are much better consumed in the parking lot before the game.

So imagine my surprise when I drunkenly went on a search for a pretzel in this iconic Philly venue and the only thing I could find were SUPER PRETZELS, complete in the rotating cases with the Super Pretzel logo plastered all over them. Come on. We’re a city known for our pretzel consumption, and you’re going to serve commercial pretzels from a box that can be found in any grocery store across America? Maybe real Philly pretzels are hard to source or something, but I can’t really fathom that since every WaWa sells them, as well as my work cafeteria (breakfast!) and every random guy walking down broad street with a shopping cart.

Does this happen elsewhere? What’s next? New York selling frozen bagels? Chicago selling DiGorno pizza? Get your shit together, America.

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  1. Lindsey C. permalink
    June 15, 2012

    Here! Here!

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