Blendtec: A 99% Rationale

I love gadgets and my kitchen is full of them: mini-food processor, mini-crockpot, Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid, deep fat fryer, slow cooker… You get the picture, but one item I’ve always lacked was a blender…until recently. I splurged and went with a Blendtec Total Blender, $400 worth of blending goodness. Yes, $400. I get that this is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a blender when there are tons of cheaper blenders out there, and I’m sure something as simple as a Magic Bullet would suffice for smoothies.

Here’s my justification. I’ve been on a smoothie kick of late but the only place I can find one close to my office is at Whole Foods. They charge $7.50 a drink which I think is a little absurd for some blended frozen fruit and ice. A couple of bags of frozen fruit — enough for five smoothies — is $12, plus a carton of coconut water is $3.95. Instead of spending $37.50 on smoothies a week I’m now spending $15. A weekly saving of $21.50. In 19 weeks I’m going to be even. In 20 weeks that $400 Blendtec will start saving me money.

The BF thinks my rational is ridiculous. He thinks the idea of spending $7.50 on a smoothie to begin with is too much. I’m sure he’s not alone in thinking that. But he’s wrong. In addition to saving money, it’s pretty to look at and I will make many other things in the blender, not just smoothies — margaritas for instance.

Who’s right? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and enjoy a recipe for my smoothie du jour.

1 Cup of pineapple chunks

1 Cup of Mango chunks

1 Cup of blueberries

200ml plain coconut water

If I’m going to the gym I’ll throw in a serving of whey protein. I’ve been using the same tub of powder for about two months. I don’t go to the gym all that often.

Tip: I let the frozen fruit thaw in the fridge overnight; makes for a more straw friendly smoothie in the morning.

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8 thoughts on “Blendtec: A 99% Rationale

  1. I think it is worth it if you are a smoothie fanatic. I’ve been using a cheapo blender for a while and it is starting to lose its oomph. The Blendtec and Vitamix are both looking pretty good. Plus, like you said, frozen cocktails! And delicious potato-based purees! And restaurant-quality soups! And, if you are procreationally-inclined, you can save a TON on baby food.

  2. i covet those high-speed blenders, but the price tag has always inhibited me. then again, i’ve bought an Excalibur Dehydrator at $200, and same for my Champion juicer so… maybe some day when i have a sugar daddy 😉

  3. oh ps – i just really want to make actually *smooth* cashew creme. even if i powder the cashews in my blender before adding water it still ends up grainy. sigh.

  4. Your rationale is correct – you are saving money. But couldn’t a $40 blender also produce smoothies and save you an additional $360?

  5. Our magic bullet broke the first time we tried to make margaritas in it. So…yes, $400 is fine, IF it makes booze things.

  6. And just think, you can also make peanut butter, almond butter, pesto, mayonnaise, etc. etc. etc. and save money on the store-bought versions of those. Totally worth it.

  7. Your rationalizing reminds me of myself. I love gadgets, too, and have been trying to rationalize buying a kitchenaid mixer. I have a cuisinart blender, and it was more expensive than normal, and I LOVE it! Your BF is crazy! :)

  8. I’m with Janine up above. Why spend that much on a blender. I love my Oster. Those smoothies would be like PROFIT!

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