Attack of the Meme: Let’s Make Fun of Amateur Food Photogs!

With the advent of Instgram, Pinterest, and an array of other easy photo-sharing social media, everyone thinks they’re a food photographer these days. Which is great in theory, but sometimes often we see a post that makes us say “Um…. NO.”

My new favorite Tumblr has thoughtfully archived all those aberrations of food “photography” in one place: Amateur Food Porn Has Got To Stop. (Is there ANYTHING Tumblr can’t do? No.) Let the mocking begin…

I mean, I never claimed to be Ansel Adams, but I have some sense of artistic dignity. What even IS that crap?!

(image: AFPHGTS, of course)

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19 thoughts on “Attack of the Meme: Let’s Make Fun of Amateur Food Photogs!

  1. I tried food blogging once, but when I realized I was incapable of taking good photos I did the world a favor and stopped.

  2. I would rather read the blogs and enjoy…and these photos are really scary!

  3. i don’t food blog, mostly because i can’t take a decent photo for love nor money. when i do it’s a complete accident.

    the ravioli in the background looks good…

  4. The blogging community is, in general, full of amateurs. But these amateurs are hashing out their interests and skills. I, without any prior experience, started a food blog to strengthen my writing skills and allow myself a creative outlet. I’ll admit that there are more than a few scrappy food pictures littering my website, but I’ve learned more about photographing food by trying than not. Haters gonna hate?

  5. Your just jealous cause some people can cook as good as pro-chefs. BTW this is not food porn

  6. Its some variation of a crab boil. Have you never lived or visited the coasts? Or seen cajun food? Even central texas has a place that does crab boils.

  7. it takes HOURS to do a good food shot, or beverage shot, appropriate for advertising. It’s not as easy as it looks…as the photos reflect.

  8. How easy and fun it is to write snarky comments on somebody’s amateur efforts. I’ll bet you have a lot of friends and lead a real interesting, creative existence. Let’s dissect your hobbies and critique your efforts. You game?
    ……….Huh, I didn’t think so.

  9. Whoa, surprised by all the acerbity in these comments! Y’all should know that ES likes to make fun of everything.

  10. This is a stupid post. Get off your high horse, quit trying to be modest. If you’re going to be a douche, then be a douche.

  11. A lot of these don’t even look to be “food porn” and more like the steps to a recipe or “hey! my first time making pizza!” It’s kind of meh to make fun of people for being amateurs at something that they fully cop to being amateurs at. Leave the fun-poking to CakeWrecks.

  12. Uh, I don’t get it? Sure, there are food blogs where the writers are really into photography. I read several of them. They have SLR cameras, they take classes on how to take great food photos, it’s very nice.

    But then there are other blogs (like mine), more about the food, and not at all about the photography. So what? What’s wrong with sharing a recipe and snapping a quick photo? I must be missing something here.

  13. Let’s call the blog for what it is. An angry vegan, getting angry with non-vegans for not being vegans. It’s almost like he’s pulling a Kony2012 with this thing.

  14. Wow, these ARE bad! We take a lot of pics of food, but rarely post – we’d rather not subject the world to any more bad food porn. We just designed a new t-shirt, “Food Porn Star” , for those who are great at it, unlike these poor folks!

  15. Luckily, I have friends that are photographers who help me with my food blog. Appetizing pictures are an essential for any food blogger. While not all can invest in expensive cameras a few tips can turn even a camera phone picture into a great visual treat.
    Check my food blog:

  16. OMG ! ! YUCK ! ! I’m not making fun of anybody’s photog skills but these picture kind of turn my stomach. Picture # 1 isn’t too bad but picture # 2 looks like vomit and picture # 3 looks like the trash can spilled.
    Sorry 😛

  17. The remnants of your crab boil should never be photoed and shared as “food porn”. That’s just gross, and no one wants to see that.

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