Putting a Little Luck in Your Mouth

Forget cooking with Guinness. If you want to really taste Ireland in your mouth this St. Patrick’s Day, you should be eating shamrock.

I was previously unaware that lucky four-leaf clovers were actually edible (and I’m still not sure they are). However, Keogh’s, the Irish potato company that has brought us such treasures as roast beef and Irish stout potato chips, is now offering the perfect treat to dip in your pint of green beer: chips with real, 100% Irish shamrock.

Not surprisingly, they expect the snacks to generate the most interest outside of Ireland:

“The idea for a Shamrock crisp came from our absolute pride in being Irish farmers and a constant need to be innovative in our offering, we are very excited about them and already have interest from abroad” Tom Keogh said. They are expecting high demand from abroad for the snack.

Of course, it raises the question, what the hell does shamrock taste like, and should you really be eating it?

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  • laura motz March 13, 2012  

    I assure you shamrock (clover) is completly edible even nutritious. What a great novelty item for st. patty’s day!

  • erica March 13, 2012  

    it’s edible, but like most edible yard “weeds” (dandelion, mallow, blackberry leaf, etc), it takes a lot of chewing.

  • Julianne March 13, 2012  

    Shamrocks are edible and delicious! They taste sour and “green” if you will. I actually enjoy eating them, so I would probably love these chips.

    Also: Shamrock would probably make a better sour candy then chip flavour…

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