Drinking the Kool-Aid, Literally

So I was having lunch at a little Thai place, business as usual, when I noticed something interesting on their menu:


Is this a thing in restaurants now?  I mean, I had a Tang martini in Philadelphia last fall, but that was alcohol-infused! This is just pure Kool-Aid. Seeing as how a packet of Kool-Aid mix (which will make a whole pitcher – OH YEAAHH!) costs 35 cents, I don’t know that 99 cents a glass is the best deal. I feel kind of like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction — “you don’t put bourbon in it or nothin?”

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2 thoughts on “Drinking the Kool-Aid, Literally

  1. I’ve seen something similar. At a diner type place that is the size of a postage stamp they have Hot Chocolate on the menu, I forget the price but I think it was around at least $1. The thing is the beverage area is in the dining area so you see them take a packet of instant Swiss Miss, put in the mug, add hot water and stir as they bring it to the table.

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