Crazy Savory Breakfast of the Day, Part II

I thought we had found all the crazy ways to eat mac and cheese, but then this happened.

Mac and cheese pancakes. Spotted at Wonderland Ballroom, Washington D.C. Delicious.

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4 thoughts on “Crazy Savory Breakfast of the Day, Part II

  1. I’m sorry, but Mac & Cheese does not a sandwich make!!! In fact, a great sandwich actualy DOES means bigger, better, and meatier. If I wanted something else, I would not order a sandwich. To say “Forget who piles pastrami highest or fits the most varieties of cold cuts on one hero roll” is completely WRONG!

  2. how do you even flip that thing? there is not a single part of my being that wants to eat that. do you put syrup on it? BBQ sauce?

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