Crazy Savory Breakfast of the Day, Part II

I thought we had found all the crazy ways to eat mac and cheese, but then this happened.

Mac and cheese pancakes. Spotted at Wonderland Ballroom, Washington D.C. Delicious.

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  • Fletcher February 27, 2012  

    Not to be critical of what is surely a delicious brunch item, but I suspect that Wonderland lifted the concept from Shopsin’s classic dish:

  • BS February 27, 2012  

    considering Shopsin’s also invented poached egg poutine: ( I think we may have to induct them into the ES Hall of Fame.

  • snodfart February 27, 2012  

    I’m sorry, but Mac & Cheese does not a sandwich make!!! In fact, a great sandwich actualy DOES means bigger, better, and meatier. If I wanted something else, I would not order a sandwich. To say “Forget who piles pastrami highest or fits the most varieties of cold cuts on one hero roll” is completely WRONG!

  • erica February 28, 2012  

    how do you even flip that thing? there is not a single part of my being that wants to eat that. do you put syrup on it? BBQ sauce?

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