Finally, Easter is Here Again

Check out the massive display currently featured at my local Safeway market:

Okay, American consumerism, I get it. Christmas is over, you need to find the next holiday to shove down our throats. But really, spring is in the air? IS IT? I think not. Plus, what happened to making us feel like shit because Valentine’s Day is coming?! Nope, now we’re just on to Easter? Apparently, April is just around the corner. Better start stocking up on your Cadbury Eggs and Peeps right now.

(To be clear, I love Cadbury Eggs and Peeps, but I categorically refuse to purchase and/or eat them until actual springtime.)

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4 thoughts on “Finally, Easter is Here Again

  1. Our Safeway had them out BEFORE CHRISTMAS and I just about swallowed my tongue. I mean, we’ve all kind of adapted to seeing holiday displays way in advance of the respective holiday seasons, but you have to be kidding me with the Cadbury eggs in December.

  2. honestly, cadbury eggs should be a year-round thing, but spring is definitely not in the air.

  3. Spring is definitely in the air here in AZ, but I haven’t seen any Cadbury here. Why is life so hard sometimes?

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