Commenter of the Year

…and most likely decade, millennium, what have you.

Awhile back ES commenter erica mentioned that an Endless Simmer theme song actually comes into her head every time she navigates to the site. She wasn’t lying, and now she’s been awesome enough to go ahead and actually record it. Best holiday present ever.

Endless Simmer by gawkylu
If anyone wants to take the lead for 2012 commenter of the year, I would love to hear a death metal version of this jingle.

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8 thoughts on “Commenter of the Year

  1. This is amazing!! Thank you so much erica for not only getting this together but knocking aside all those Christmas songs stuck in my head.

  2. awwww! thanks guys! you are welcome. happy holidays!

    (ps – a death metal version would be AWESOME!!)

  3. here’s the chords just in case! please please someone cover it just ’cause you had a beer too many and felt like grabbing the gusto this final year of our lord, 2012. or something 😉

    CGCFGGCG (x2)
    GGCC7 (x2)

  4. I can’t stop singing this. Can’t stop. Holy shit I can’t wait to annoy my friends by singing this EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.

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