10 Christmas Treats Better Than Christmas Cookies

Last week I couldn’t figure out what the deal is with Christmas cookies. And after some ranting, I was still curious-slash-irritated. I decided that I’d actually rather eat the dreaded cupcake over some ¬†snickerdoodle. Let’s stroll through some other Christmas eats more exciting than those damn cookies.

10. Ho! Ho!

(Photo: Strange Days)

9. Life is Like…

(Photo: omgitsrenzo)

8. Honestly, I Don’t Know What This Is Made Of, But It’s Gorgeous, Right?!

(Photo: Icy Snow of Winter)

7. Light My Fire

(Photo: Do the WEB)

6. Oh! Christmas Tree!

(Photo: Shaynizzle)

5. Rooof, Rooof

(Photo: Bakers Royale for ES)

4. Stripe Me

(Photo: Somewhat Sentimental)

3. Gingerbread Cheesecake Bites

(Photo: fatties delight)

2. Top It With a Cherry Candy Cane

(Photo: meraki)

1. Wiggle

(Photo: ffoodd)

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  • Sherry December 22, 2011  

    Why would you even post this list if there’s no links to recipes for them???

  • erica December 22, 2011  

    Sherry: you have to keep following the photo credit links to get to the recipes. try harder. merry christmas!

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