Keeping Track of Your Corkscrew

By the end of this week we will enter the crazy zone. Everything will revolve around toys, bargains, 3am sales, wish lists and underpaid and overworked Target employees. The season of “I want” is upon us.

And then I saw this humble, adorable and useful work of DIY. My friend Anna sawed off the top of a Morton’s salt container and filled it with wine supplies. She saves her drawer space for big things, like cooking utensils and graters. She didn’t want her corkscrews to get lost in the back of the pull out and wanted to show off this darling girl in a yellow slicker.

This is simple, for sure. But it made me realize I’d rather have someone make this for me (and maybe stuff it with a Wine Doctor Intelli-Stopper) than buy me something new.

(Please remember this post when we’ll push all of our favorite products on you!)

Photo via (MHM-DLO5) in Infinicam.

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