A Rachael Ray Rosh Hashanah

Sometimes Rachael Ray is right. Rachael spends most of her time working on dinner and then in the hurried last minute of her 30 minute show, she scoops some ice cream in a martini glass and then tops it with something semi-homemade, possibly a sauce, or maybe just fruit.

For Rosh Hashanah, plenty of emphasis is placed on the dinner. We maintain a few traditions in our family, mostly a last-of-the-season tomato salad.  Sometimes we find the time to put together something for dessert, like a boozy chocolate mousse or apple sauce, but other times, we serve ice cream.

And this year, we won’t even have to feel guilty about serving just ice cream. Chozen, ice cream made from Hudson Valley dairy, created a bunch of flavors to celebrate any Jewish holiday, or really, to celebrate eating ice cream.

For this particular holiday, where apples and honey symbolize a sweet, new year, check out (obviously) Apples and Honey: honey ice cream with chunks of apple. Do a Rachael Ray and serve it in a funky dish, drizzled with even more honey and a few slices of apple, sauteed in butter and cinnamon.

(Photo: Nathan Kraxberger)

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