Friday Fuck Up Redeemed: Tomato and Egg Success Story

On Friday I left you with my most recent Fuck Up (and a discussion on whether or not we should continue using the word fuck). I’m awfully glad I did, because we actually figured out why my open omelet, which I’ve successfully made before, turned to mushy, gross shit.

Last week I started the egg dish with the tomatoes warming on the pan, oozing out all sorts of acidic liquid. I added the eggs into that big, ol’ mess, and the eggs never set. I had no idea why. But from some reader advice here and on Facebook, I learned that I should add the tomato at the end.

Advice highlights:

Jenna: Did you de-seed your tomatoes? The omelet looks really watery, and the extra water from the tomatoes could cause the eggs to break like that. And then you’d be steaming the egg bits in their excess water, which would totally mess up the texture.

Nikki Libberton blame the tomatoes. their freaky acids probably fucked with your egg chemistry, and also created extra-much moisture in your omelet. at least it was still edible-ish

And so I added the tomato at the end.

I whipped together egg, Dijon mustard and a splash of water. I let that set, then laid in slices of tomato, crumbles of goat cheese and lemon thyme. I must not have started with enough butter (or my Beka’s non-stick coat is already fading) because I couldn’t slip the egg off without it cracking, so I flipped it on itself instead, ending with salt, pepper and more thyme.


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  • erica August 29, 2011  

    fuck yes goat cheese

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