Cocktail O’Clock: Guinness ‘n’ Gin

Solution #2 for how to drink dark beer in summer: mix it with gin!

The Black Friars Pint at The Fifth Floor in San Francisco has Plymouth Gin, Cardamom Spiced Guinness and East India Sherry, shaken with egg white and Angostura bitters.

(You may recall solution #1 was this beer float from Brooklyn’s 61 Local)

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  • O. Bear May 16, 2013  

    Dear BS,

    I realize this post is from July 2011, but do you know and/or would you please ask The Black Friars Pint—for those of us who cannot go ourselves to ask them—how do they spice up the Guinness with cardamom (my favorite spice); are they indeed using Lustau’s East India Solera Sherry; and finally, what proportions are they using?

    Inquiring mixed drink & cocktail explorers would really like to know!

    O. Bear

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