Attack of the Meme: Eating Arrested Development

5. Sandwiches Always Win

(Photo: The Truth; As Told By a Compulsive Liar)

4. Supermarkets Are Overrated

(Photo: Stuff MaddySho Likes)

3. Death to the Curly Fry

(Photo: nothing really)

2. A Worthwhile Love Affair

(Photo: Darlin’, your head’s not right)

1.Breakfast of Champions, Winner

(Photo: The Andy Man Can)

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6 thoughts on “Attack of the Meme: Eating Arrested Development

  1. Yes! AD is my all-time favorite.
    Awesome collection, but I would also like to remind us all about Lindsay’s gourmet signature dish, Hot Ham Water.

  2. “I thought you meant of the things you eat.” Genius. I have to add this qualifier to almost everything I say.

  3. Your top 10s are cracking me up. But how could you leave out the episode where Linsday makes “hot ham water” and Buster tastes it and says “It tastes like water, with a smack of ham!” LOL – one of my fav arrested development moments!

    …I see @Emily agrees! :)

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