Attack of the Meme: Eating Arrested Development

The real meme here is the tumblr site Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog: Hipster Arrested Development, where dialogue from the show appears on these funky, arty photos that have nothing to do with the show. Instead of listing those (kinda lame/not funny) pics, here are some amazing quotes from the hysterical, cult show.

Top 10 Food and Drink Moments from Arrested Development

10. Breakfast of Champions, Runner Up

(Photo: Lizdexia)

9. Don’t Mess With Eggs

(Photo: Arrested Development GIFs )

8. Juice, Motherfucker

(Photo: The No Name Shoppe)

7. Damn It, Google

(Photo: Texts from The Bluth Company)

6. Breakfast vs. Family

(Photo: Meditation in an Emergency)

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6 thoughts on “Attack of the Meme: Eating Arrested Development

  1. Yes! AD is my all-time favorite.
    Awesome collection, but I would also like to remind us all about Lindsay’s gourmet signature dish, Hot Ham Water.

  2. “I thought you meant of the things you eat.” Genius. I have to add this qualifier to almost everything I say.

  3. Your top 10s are cracking me up. But how could you leave out the episode where Linsday makes “hot ham water” and Buster tastes it and says “It tastes like water, with a smack of ham!” LOL – one of my fav arrested development moments!

    …I see @Emily agrees! :)

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