Happy Grilling Season! Endless Simmer’s Top 10 Favorite Things to Cook Outside

5. Grilled Trout with Charred Cilantro

Fresh fish? Grill it. Fresh herbs? Grill it. Grilled trout with charred cilantro recipe.

4. Grilled Salad

Grilling. It’s not just for meat eaters. Grilled romaine salad recipe. (Photo: fotoosVanRobin)

3. Beer Can Chicken

We’ll take any excuse to fire up the grill AND crack open a beer hours before guests arrive. Beer can chicken recipe.

2. Jalapeno Poppers

If you thought these guys were good deep fried…well, just do it, OK? Grilled jalapeno poppers recipe.

1. Bacon

I don’t know how many times you’re gonna make me have to tell you this, food world, but bacon is not dead. It’s just getting started. So go smoke yourself some homemade bacon this weekend. You’re welcome.

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  • Kim - Liv Life May 31, 2011  

    I’ll take that corn and lime butter please!!!

  • Caitlin June 1, 2011  

    Pickles are great just as they are. Can’t imagine grilling them and I see that Southern Hospitality serves them deep fried.

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