Top 10 Things to Eat Before the End of the World

5. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Chocolate

Self-proclaimed “shock-o-latier” Dominique Persoone’s chocolate shop, The Chocolate Line, is one of three to land in the Michelin Guide.  Restore your virginity with his extra-virgin olive oil concoction and help re-start civilization.

4. Frog’s Legs

Some fans of the Old Testament might consider this a plague, but in the hands of Spondi Restaurant in Athens, a dash of peanuts, cauliflower, wild mustard and tamarind, frog legs become Nirvana. (Photo: Metaxin)

3. Balsamic Fig & Marscapone Ice Cream Sandwich

Los Angeles is often been portrayed as a post-apocalyptic fiery hell, so while you’re there, cool down with a CoolHaus ice cream sandwich—better it eat fast, though. (Photo: Craig R.)

2. Sonoran Hot Dog

Arizona’s entry for world’s best drunk food, this Tuscon specialty perfected at El Guero Canelo is the must-eat-before-leaving-earth hot dog: two weiners  wrapped in bacon, topped with tomato, onions, beans, salsa verde, mustard and mayo. (Photo: esoller)

1. Oyster and the Ocean

Noted as “The World’s Best Restaurant” on lists everywhere, Noma’s wildy creative menu is the place to go for broke. The $210 pre fixe menu may be the one place you’d like to spend your last dollar, especially for this perfectly prepared poached oyster, swimming in cream, horseradish and pickled elderberries, and floating like Noah’s Ark atop a bed of rocks and seaweed. (Photo: Sarah Ackerman)

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  • Nick (Macheesmo) May 20, 2011  

    Umm.. I can’t even get to Their site is getting overloaded! A lot of people apparently want to check out their “facts”.

    I’m not sure about eating all this stuff before tomorrow, but I’m planning on a pretty serious bender tonight… just in case.

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