Deviled Eggs Gone Wild

5. Avocado Deviled Eggs

Eating Well…Living Thin’s avocado deviled eggs are the best use of green we’ve seen since avocado milkshakes. Recipe here.

4. Demoned Deviled Eggs: Crab and Bacon

At the Brixton in San Francisco, Dungeness crab meat and bacon make a deviled egg that is practically a whole meal (and decidedly un-kosher). Read the demoned eggs recipe here.

3. Deviled Egg Chicks

Blogger What Tasty Food makes the cutest damn deviled eggs we have ever seen: deviled egg chicks.

2.Deep-Fried, Bacon-Wrapped Deviled Eggs

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Deep fried, bacon-wrapped deviled eggs, from — where else? — Texas. Cowtown Diner in Fort Worth severs these golden-brown beauties; Craving Comfort has more on this utter ingeniousness.

(Photo: Craving Comfort)

1. Everything Deviled Eggs

Chef Adam Carpenter of the upcoming Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen in San Francisco is NOT kidding around when it comes to deviled eggs. His menu will include BLT deviled eggs (the egg filling is piped onto a little piece of lettuce, garnished with bacon and tomato slivers); Caesar Salad deviled eggs (topped with mini croutons and lettuce) garden vegetables deviled eggs; Romesco (topped with almond slivers and peppers); Wasabi deviled egg topped with seared tuna; and tarragon deviled egg with fried capers.

Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen is expected to open this July.

Oh, you haven’t had enough? How about salmon, wasabi, chipotle and curry? Four more deviled eggs recipes from Endless Simmer.

Plus: How to make a perfect boiled egg and 100 ways to cook an egg

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  • Kelsey May 19, 2011  

    Thank you so much for sharing my creation! I am loving the dessert eggs. I’m a huge sucker for Cadbury eggs.

  • Bee May 19, 2011  

    Oh my goodness. I love deviled eggs so very much in the typical mom’s-picnic variety, but these all look DIVINE.

  • Canter May 27, 2011  

    Loving those chocolate eggs!

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