Top 10 Food Tattoos

I need another tattoo like I need a hole in the head. However, I have been racking my brain and searching for a kick-ass food tattoo. I have thought about a play on the phrase “in the weeds”; it is still evolving. I like peanut butter and jelly, but do I really want a permanent sandwich on my back side? I could probably cover both of my arms and legs with every food that I enjoy, but I’m not sure I want to be completely covered in ink. This is difficult. So  I’ve compiled a top 10 list from the flickr group Food Tattoos. Enjoy. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for your next tat. If you have any ideas to share or already have a USDA seal on your butt, please tell us about it, dear inked-ESer.

(Photo: Pophangover)

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  • Chef Boy February 23, 2011  

    I have my appointment set to get my magic fork tattooed on my forearm. It is a large ornate and very gnarlily bent dinner fork and tarnished as if it was used by escoffiet himself. I actually found it in this condition in the street the very week I signed up for culinary school. It is were my power over food comes from.
    we’re talking serious magic

  • forkitude February 23, 2011  

    Chef Boy – that is awesome…your magic wand fork. I love the story! You must share a picture with us when it’s done!!

  • dan February 23, 2011  

    you forgot about Gucci Mane’s sick face tattoo of ice cream shooting lightning bolts


  • forkitude February 23, 2011  

    Dan – unfortunately, it’s just a top 10 list. If it were a top 11 list, this fabulous ice cream cone face tattoo certainly would have made the cut. Thanks for the idea. I’m considering it.

  • gansie March 3, 2011  

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