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kale chip fail

– Reaching back to an old Friday Fuck Up, erisgrrrl confirms that cooking kale chips is easier said than done:

I have tried to make kale chips twice and both times it was fail city! They looks so easy and tasty! I have no idea what I did wrong but it was no good! So, I totally feel your pain!

Why is this so hard? Some tips please? Anyone?

– In another oldie-but-goodie, real live French-Canadian Jean-Guy Bourque approves of our NYC Tour de Poutine:

I am a French-Canadian who left Montreal for a 6 month visit to the USA 42 years ago, and I’m still here in New Jersey…I am very happy to see that you can finally get a taste of Montreal here in the NYC area! Bravo! What I really hope for is for “smoked meat” to also catch on here…You’ll forget about NY style pastrami once you’ve tried Montreal’s smoked meat! Also the Montreal style of BBQ chicken that you get at places like Chalet BBQ, Benny’s or St Hubert BBQ…

Consider us on board the smoked meat bandwagon!

– Finally, star ES commenter erica offers up some more ideas for what to cook with lentils:

You can also stir it into soups or chilis, even curry, or make a hummus/tapenade/dip. i’ve also seen people take lentils, mush them, wrap around a stick and fry them, though i’ve never tried it myself, and to be honest i’ve only ever seen that once, though i was quite impressed with the idea. they could also be repurposed into a vegi meatball type thing like this: http://www.myvegancookbook.com/recipes/recipe.php?id=20 I was eating them straight from the freezer, they are very good. of course, real meatballs are easier, but you know how we do…

Other ideas? We got lentils to burn.

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  • erica January 21, 2011  

    red lentils are, of course, another story 😉

  • erica January 21, 2011  

    PS – i use the kale chip recipe in Molly Katzen’s “Vegetable Heaven” and have never ever had a problem with them turning out wrong.

  • Heather January 24, 2011  

    I made kale chips the other day from this recipe- http://www.doorsixteen.com/2011/01/16/butternut-squash-kale-chips/

    they tasted really good… but had the consistency of paper, like, they just kind of crumbled when i ate them. so tasty, but kind of a non-chip texture. does anyone else run into this problem?

  • erica January 24, 2011  

    i suppose “kale chip” is a misnomer as kale isn’t thick enough to produce a hard chip-like chip thing when dessicated.

  • Joe Hoya January 24, 2011  

    I can appreciate poutine, but I draw the line at “smoked meat.” The name is totally misleading!

    Smoked meat is similar to pastrami or corned beef, but it’s stored in a steam tray and was served dripping wet both times I tried it. Needless to say, this resulted in soggy, limp sandwiches that compared very poorly to classic New York deli fare.

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