Who Will Cater the Royal Wedding?


The honeymoon period is over but the excitement isn’t waning over the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. While most of the world focuses on what Kate will be wearing, we here at ES only care about the food. The Queen plans to host a reception for the newlyweds at Buckingham Palace, while Prince Charles will have one of his own. But which of Britain’s respected chefs will cook those royal meals? Here are our entirely unsolicited opinions.

1. Heston Blumenthal OBE

Heston Blumenthal

As owner and chef of three-time Michelin Star restaurant The Fat Duck, it’s no doubt that Blumenthal is a hot contender. His new restaurant opening at London’s Mandarin Hotel this year will even have its own private Royal entrance for such occasions. Sounds like someone’s auditioning for the gig!
Odds – 3:1

2. Angela Hartnett MBE

angela harnett

Possibly the most talented and respected female chef in England, Hartnett was awarded an MBE in 2007 for services to the hospitality industry, so she is no stranger to Royal etiquette. But it was being the first female to win the prestigious Catey in 2009 that she’s probably most proud of — will she become the first female to cater a Royal Wedding?
Odds – 5:1

3. Richard Corrigan


As Prince Charles is footing most of the bill for the wedding, there is no doubt that he has say in who gets his hard earned cash (ha). Chuckie is a big organic foods fanatic, so with Richard Corrigan’s commitment to sustainable cooking at Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill, there is no doubt he’ll make the list. As it happens, Corrigan has already cooked for the Queen so he needn’t worry about being vetted for such a Royal occasion.
Odds: 7:1

4. Marcus Wareing


There isn’t a critic in London who hasn’t gushed about what Marcus Wareing created at The Berkeley — except for Gordon Ramsay. Wareing started his career at The Savoy, working under Ramsay and the master and student now have a bit of a feud. Any enemy of Gordo obviously gets on our list! Plus, he’s already cooked for the Queen, serving her a custard tart with garibaldi biscuits.
Odds – 10:1

5. Anthony Demetre & Will Smith

Anthony Demetre & Will Smith

The much sought-after duo of Arbutus in London’s SoHo neighborhood, Demetre and Smith are two of the hottest British chefs in the industry right now. Having opened their third restaurant, Le Deux Salon, to rave reviews last year, these two are the new kids on the block, but clearly skyrocketing to celebrity-chef stardom.
Odds – 15:1

6. Jamie Oliver MBE


Italian anyone? Perhaps not the finest chef amongst the bunch but he certainly brings in the celebrity status. Although with his library of books, political activism and chain of restaurants he could be too busy for such a job. Not to mention, Wills might have none of it — his celebrity could upstage the groom, if Prince Harry hasn’t already done that.
Odds – 50:1

7. Gordon Ramsay OBE


I kid, I kid. He hasn’t got a chance in hell, at least not after his tirade a few years back when he declared the Queen’s food to be prehistoric and tasting like shit. Good old Gordon, a class act.
Odds: 100: 1

Who do you think should cater the Royal Wedding? Care to place a bet?

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