Top 10 ES Posts of 2010

Endless thanks to everyone who spent part of their year simmering with us. Before you pop the bubbly, relive 2010 with our top 10 most read posts of the year.

10. The Cutest Eater in the World Contest

cute kids eating

You would not believe how many times parents will return to a snarky food blog just to tell the world how much cuter their kid is than every other kid.

9. NYC Tour De Poutine


We recommend every eater completes this tour once, and only once.

8. Mudslide Cupcakes


You ESers are a sucker for anything with “chocolate” and “cocktail” in the same sentence.

7. 100 Ways to Cook a Sweet Potato

sweet potatoes

They’re not just for Thanksgiving anymore.

6. 100 Things Restaurant Patrons Should Never Do


Give this a second read and make it your New Year’s Resolution to be a better customer.

5. 100 Ways to Use a Tomato


That scallop BLT on the second row is still the most fuckable thing I’ve seen all year.

4. 100 Ways to Cook a Pumpkin


Between this and the sweet potato recipes, you should be set for the rest of the winter.

3. Top 10 Halloween Cocktails

halloween cocktail

If you ask us, the brain hemorrhage works just fine for New Year’s too.

2. Top 10 New State Fair Foods


If you deep-fry it, they will come.

1. 100 Things to Do With a Banana


Never underestimate the power of a subtly dirty headline.

Honorable Mentions: The World Cup of Food, How to Make Homemade Bacon, What Not to Buy Your Child for Christmas.

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