Top 10 New Foods We Ate in 2010

5. Naan Gone Gourmet


We’ve always thought this buttery, flaky Indian bread puts the rest of the world’s bakers to shame. But why does it have to be relegated to a crude curry-grabbing tool or a plain app topped with garlic? This year we saw chefs finally getting creative with naan. At D.C.’s Masala Art naan smothered in rock salt and fresh cilantro is a meal unto itself. At Chicago’s Gaztro-Wagon naan-wiches are stuffed with lemongrass pork cheeks, sweet potato, bacon and fennel. Even at the posh new Azok in Mumbai, the house-baked naan is layered in blue cheese and coriander chutney. (Photo: Fortes)

4. The Pie Shake


One slice pie. One scoop ice cream. All genius. Yes, it’s the pie shake.

3. KFC Double Down

KFC double down

Yes, it’s over-the-top and ridiculous. Yes, it’s been blogged to death. But come on. We all know that when future civilizations open their space textbooks to the chapter on “America,” they will  undoubtedly view the moment that sandwich buns were replaced with slabs of fried chicken as our culture’s most notorious achievement.

2. Smoked Meat Poutine

mile end poutine

This was the year New York restaurants became obsessed with poutine, Montreal’s signature comfort food mash-up of french fries, cheese curds and gravy. No one did it better than Mile End, where savory bits of Montreal-style smoked meat brisket are added to a flawless concoction of fresh Maine curds, chicken-mushroom gravy, and perfectly crisp fries. NYC Tour De Poutine.

1. Fried Beer


America does it again. And by America, clearly we mean Texas. Fried beer is top new food at 2010 state fairs.

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  • Fin December 27, 2011  

    OKAY, I’m sick and tired of poutaine being called the great canadian creation. Yo, people! french fries covered in mozz cheese and brown gravy is call DISCO FRIES and I’ve been eating them in Jersey since I was a kid in the 1970’s. It’s a NJ, Jersey shore staple and you can get them – and a classic pork roll with cheese on a toased buttered roll – in any NJ diner. Poutaine is a Jersey thing, stolen by all the canadians and “benny’s” hittin’ Seside and Belmar! Aaaaiight?!


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