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– Completely unsurprisingly, every ESer has their own pig’s head story, starting with the always entertaining BS’s Mom:

We, and other nearby farmers where I grew up in Ireland, raised pigs and killed one annually for the family. All I remember about the head is that my father and his friends played cards (25) regularly and this was the prize after a pig had been killed. Other than boiling the head and my father and mother enjoying it, I have no memory of it at all and now wonder how come we never ate the tongue (something I got to enjoy after I met my Jewish inlaws).

For more meeting the in-laws/pig’s head news, we turn to Lisa Fountain:

Nice. Gross – but nice. The first time I met my redneck husband’s 4?10?, 82 lb, 80+ year old grandmother stirring a big ol’ cauldron of Brunswick Stew in her south Georgia backyard kitchen, I obsequiously offered to help. I proceeded to grab the huge wooden ladle out of her weather-worn hands and gave the soup a hearty swirl, only to have the totally unexpected, previously submerged whole hogs head, complete with bulging eyes and hairy snout, rise to the surface and greet me through a vapor of steam. Yes. I yelped; well, screamed, really – much to the amusement of my husband’s kuntry-kin. But the stew was frakkin’ awesome, and despite the shock of pig-face in my pot, I am happy to say I dug in with relish. Now I know *two* things to do with a pigs head, if I’m ever lucky enough to get my hands on a freshly severed one. Thanks.

Keep ’em coming, ESers! There’s no reason to be ashamed of your pig-headed past.

– Over at HuffPo today, you can vote for your favorite of our drunken Thanksgiving ideas. Jagermeister turkey seems to be an early favorite. TriciaDM:

I will get bombed on drunken turkey long before I swill down mashed potatos mixed into any drink. That is so wrong on so many levels. What the heck do you do with the butter and gravy? It’s like putting stuffing in white wine–just makes no sense.

But Rex Devious has an even better idea:

That all looks too complicated. Just drink Wild Turkey, put on a CD by The Cranberries, and do The Mashed Potato.

Done and done. Thanksgiving solves.

– Finally, Caitlin builds a banana bridge that may be too far even for us

Another great way to use up some old bananas is to chop them into scrambled eggs. They give a great flavor to the eggs and have a fantastic texture. Serve with french toast for a totally rad breakfast.

Whoa. I really, really want to say that’s not too crazy for me but it just might be. Thoughts?

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