Plunging Deep into a Sweet Potato


Two things you should know about me:

  1. I am a red-blooded American male.
  2. I’ve never been a particularly big fan of sweet potatoes or yams.

Yet—all of a sudden—I feel the urge to plunge deep into a big plate of sweet potato.

I can’t figure out why to save my life. Any help, ESers?

Look Insideindeed,!

(H/T to Serious Eats)

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  • Olga @ MangoTomato November 16, 2010  

    you know, I thought I wasn’t a fan of sweet potatoes either. Turns out, I just did not like them in sweet application. Roasted with Indian spices or made into pureed savory soups, sweet potatoes are great. And do I even need to mention sweet potato fries!?

  • dad gansie November 16, 2010  

    Hell, nothing wrong with sweet, cinnamon, sugar ( I use splenda or truvia)
    & Water In a casserole dish with skin on and then mash away

  • Tim November 17, 2010  

    If you want an alternative to “sweet” sweet potatoes, shred them as thin as possible. A stainless steel cheese slicer works perfectly (slicer, not grater!). Put them in a pan with 1 Tbsp canola and pan fry them on high heat till they crisp up. Oven at 425* works well, too, but remember to oil the pan b/c they’ll stick easily.

    Also, why the hell don’t more people make sweet potato hash browns. You can go sweet or savory.

  • forkitude November 17, 2010  

    And we won’t hold it against you, tvff, if you crawl into bed with that sweet potato and a jar of marshmallow cream.

  • gansie November 17, 2010  

    i have to disagree w/ my dad here. i am not a fan of enhancing the sweetness of sweet potatoes. i like them best with curry powder.

    @Tim – cheese slicer? so the potato is in a thin disk?

  • Matthew Wainwright November 18, 2010  

    @Tim @gansie

    Another alternative to enhancing the sweetness is to drop a fried egg on them. Here’s our recipe:

  • gansie November 18, 2010  

    @matthew – so weird! i’m actually waiting – at this moment – for my mashed sweet potatoes with fried egg (topped w parm!) to finish cooking in the oven.

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