A.D.D. + Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Homework sucks. Call it burn-out from sixteen years of school. Call it A.D.D.

Nevertheless, I admit to munching on high-sugar kid’s cereal for something to do and wonder: we really ate this for breakfast when we were kids?? No wonder we begged for it, crying and screaming in the grocery store aisles–this shit is freakin’ candy. The cinnamon sugar is coating my fingers and my laptop keyboard.

Wendell, Bob, and Quello (WTF?), the Cinnamon Toast Crunch bakers, certainly did know how to market sugar to children. Like giving candy to a baby…literally. And how noble of them to use “less sugar” than “other kids’ cereals.” There were cereals with more sugar??

Bob and Quello were fired somewhere along the way, and Wendell has been left to grace the box alone. And now, to entice the kids during modern, less-than-stellar Saturday morning cartoonage, the crazy cinnamon sugar squares just eat each other and burp. Nice.

What was your favorite high-sugar kids’ cereal? You know, the one that made you bounce off the walls in school and then crash around 10 AM. You know, the one that was partially responsible for your A.D.D…

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  • BS October 21, 2010  

    I love that photo of the C.T.C.-covered hands. My horrible parents never let us have anything more sugar-ier than Life, and honestly as I result of that I don’t really like these sugary cereals today. But I have to say that my aunt used to have Rice Krispie Treats cereal at her house – does anyone remember that? Do they still make it? Not Rice Krispies, but a cereal made out of chunks of Rice Krispie Treats….it was one of the best things to ever happen to me.

  • ML October 21, 2010  

    Lucky charms was the SHIT. I always ate the cereal part and saved the milky marshmallows for last. YUM.

  • forkitude October 22, 2010  

    YESSSS! Rice Krispie Treats Cereal!!!

    And Lucky Charms…I remember getting excited about the new marshmallows…like the rainbow and the shooting star! Wow, what memorable moments from my childhood.

  • Borracho October 22, 2010  

    Completely with ML on saving the marshmallow for last but does anybody else remember Cinnamon Mini-Buns cereal? Absolutely epic!

  • forkitude October 22, 2010  

    Oh hellllss yes! Cinnamon Mini Buns!


    I love the ad: “Eating 70 Cinnamon Buns Can Be Nutritious!” OMG, ha!

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