Top Chef Just Desserts Exit Interview: Episode 3


Isn’t she just adorable? Sylvia Weinstock was the guest judge on this week’s episode of TC: Just Desserts, which meant wedding cakes — you read that right, Seth — wedding cakes, not engagement cakes. Yes, another week of crazy Seth and tears, but who went home?

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ES: You wanted to do a whoopie pie, so why did you give into your team and do a cookie?
Heather Chittum: I think you always have to balance being true to yourself and also being a team player. In retrospect, would I have done a whoopie pie? Absolutely.

If you had made the whoopie pie, what would you have made?
Whoopie pies have become not quite as big as the cupcake fad, but definitely have gotten a bit of press themselves, especially in DC. I’d have stayed more traditional — a devil’s food cake with a vanilla marshmallow filling — what kid doesn’t like that?…Or adult!

The stew room seemed a little intense, more so than we’ve seen so far. What was that like?
The stew room, or as we called it, the “proof box,” is a tense situation. The waiting is very stressful. There are a lot of emotions, especially when you are defending something that is a part of you or a creative expression of yourself. I think people feel very strongly about it. Of course then you put twelve personalities together and you’re bound to have some heavy drama.

I have to ask — what was Seth like?
We pastry chefs are allĀ  a little crazy. It’s also a reality television show. I know he’s gotten a lot of negative exposure, but he’s still a person.

Are you sticking around Hook? anything new?
I am. I’m also trying to work on some cookies and other things that are interesting to me. I’m still with Hook and Tackle Box. Probably we’ll see some interesting things coming about soon.

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