Kitchen Darlings


“It has been claimed.” Those are the words the National Enquirer utters as it talks trash on our three favorite ladies of television. According to the rag, Paula wants to “crush” Rachael and Martha, Rachael is pissed that Martha has taken over Hallmark, and Martha thinks Paula is a “hillbilly.”

A quick note to the National Enquirer—stay out of the kitchen, shut the hell up and leave our ladies alone.

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  • Borracho October 4, 2010  

    What’s even worse is that their “it has been claimed” story then gets regurgitated as fact across the interweb.

    If that is all it takes, I would like to cite an unnamed source that claims:
    ” is the best food blog in the world and everyone needs to read it daily” (Yes that unnamed source may be my mom, so what?”

  • Refrigerator Gaskets October 4, 2010  

    I love the the National Enquirer is taking one Food Ladies. Must have been a slow week in the entertainment world.

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